Karolien Klerkx



My role as one of the partners in the Netherlands is to discover and bring together a highly trained and/or talented network of Lumina Professionals, to further develop Lumina so a sustainable way of doing interventions with individuals, teams and organisations will be available and to get the Lumina brand on the roadmap in the Netherlands.


She started her professional career in 1996 as a project manager/IT consultant, which was a significant learning experience. After living in Amsterdam and studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, working with an IT consultancy firm was a major change. Being drawn towards the human side of the IT "story" she started to develop skills to start coaching individuals and teams. She founded her own business as a learning and development consultant for small but also big clients in the Netherlands. This entrepreneurship became more and more important which led to a partnership with Lumina Learning.

What makes me tick

"Life presents itself in inspiring but also challenging ways. Living life to its full extend means embracing both sides. Not just by accepting the behaviour of your partner or colleague, but also accepting your own behaviour. People who know themselves well, build awareness around their own personal choices and take responsibility for their own actions are the leaders of today and tomorrow. Every individual can reach this state. Not by taking giant steps, but by moving towards the right direction in small steps. My passion is empowering individuals and teams by making them aware of the presence of these first small steps, the Lumina sparks, so they will notice them and consider to start making new choices."


+31(0) 76 887 61 17

Leistraat 1, 4818 NA Breda