Theo ten Hagen



In 2010 Theo became partner of Lumina Learning Netherlands. His aim is to build a strongly high professional network of inspired Lumina Consultants who will be able to develop individuals, teams and organisations by using Lumina. Next to the Dutch role Theo’s goal is helping to develop a strong international Lumina partnership around the World.


Theo started his career in the international trade business, followed by a sales and marketing job for an IT company at the end of the 80’s. Then Theo worked a couple of years as F&B manager for The Music Theatre of Amsterdam, before starting his own Media Company. At the beginning of this Millennium Theo was involved in building a consultancy firm for personal development. He started working with typology instruments to train and consult individuals and teams. By using the instruments of Lumina Learning he trained people to effectively develop personal skills on leadership, talent and sales. Being clear in setting goals and let people “walk their talk” he proves that people really are able to change and that all changes start within each person themselves.

What makes me tick

My ambition to build a professional consultancy network that works with our Lumina products is a very important drive for me together with a passion to develop people within organisations. By using the Lumina Spark 24 qualities individuals raise their awareness and improve their results

+31(0) 76 887 61 17

Leistraat 1, 4818 NA Breda