Chris Dixon

Hong Kong


As a Strategic Alliance based in Hong Kong, Growing Edge’s role is focused on building and supporting a network of talented, professional Practitioners who are passionate about Lumina Learning’s instruments and their ability to transform people and organisations. Growing Edge runs Qualifications and Practitioner Development Days in Hong Kong.


Chris Dixon is the founder of Growing Edge Limited, a leadership development and consulting firm. Chris is a pragmatic practitioner who brings to his coaching and facilitating a broad skill set and rare depth of knowledge gained from working for and within leading organisations in Asia and other markets. Chris has over 25 years' experience as senior organisational development head for leading global companies. He was formerly the regional head of organisational effectiveness for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Asia and was the Global Co-Head of Leadership Development for UBS AG. He is currently a Senior Adviser to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Europe's largest professional institute for people management and development, as they expand their presence in Asia. Chris regularly facilitates Management and Leadership development workshops as well as working with senior leadership teams and groups who are seeking to define strategy or new ways of working. Chris’s workshops and learning interventions, while characterised by energetic, engaging and hands-on learning, are underpinned by solid learning principles and methodology and a deep knowledge of the organizational context. As an executive coach, he focuses on the individual in the context of the organisation and supports his coaching clients in an empathetic yet challenging way that allows them to develop new insights and grow and evolve as leaders.

What makes me tick

In short: people and being part of their journey of self discovery. Lumina Learning makes me tick by giving individuals insights and choices and I find this to be an empowering experience. Equally, Lumina Learning offers a common, non-judgemental and memorable language to the executive suite and teams enabling shifts that would be otherwise difficult to obtain.

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