Daniel Bannenberg


Daniel is partner of Lumina Learning France since 2018. Daniel thinks that an organization's ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment determines its chances of success. But it is the resilience of its people that determines the resilience of the organization. Therefore, developing their potential is the key to success. Daniel’s role as a partner is to build a network of inspired, motivated and qualified Lumina practitioners in France who use the Lumina Learning assessment tools to assist organisations, teams and individuals in their development to success.


For over 30 years Daniel has acquired a solid experience in team, project and change management, first as a hotel owner and then as a trainer, consultant and franchise director for various international hospitality groups. In a fast-changing working environment people are requested to perform with agility and adaptability. New leadership and management skills are required. Daniel identified these development needs by integrating a global, pragmatic and human-centered approach as an accelerator and actor of change. In 2017, Daniel obtained a post-graduate qualification as a professional coach.

What makes me tick

Having lived in different countries and worked for global companies made me appreciate sharing experiences with people from different backgrounds. I enjoy sharing and building relationships in an environment of goodwill, tolerance and respect for others. I like to use this eclecticism and goodwill to empower my clients and assist them in their projects. What makes me especially tick is helping people to build better relationships with others by improving their self-knowledge. The Lumina Learning tools and community are a great way to achieve this.


+33 6 66 32 39 00

5 rue du repos, 75020 Paris - France