Lumina Culture is much bigger in scope and concept than any other Lumina Learning product. It is the only one that is focused on analysis at an organizational level as well as an individual level. No other Lumina Learning product places such an emphasis on the big picture.

Organizational culture is a subtle yet all-encompassing part of work life and issues can be hard to identify when you only have a single perspective

Once you see the views of your colleagues brought together, you will be able to see your organization's culture from a comprehensive viewpoint and this can be the springboard to positive change. This is reinforced through the Lumina Culture course, proving everyone is an integral part of an organization's culture.


How it Works

If the persona of an organization can be seen as values, norms, and behaviors, this combined is the culture which ultimately will drive performance. The factors which create a culture are extremely wide ranging and the people best placed to observe it are the individual's within it.

  • Lumina Culture is, in essence, a vehicle for discussion, improvement and change

  • This provides clients with a 'big picture' view of how their organizations culturally function

  • Creates the opportunity to step back and reflect on the work environment and ethos

  • Helps those who feel like they don't fit in - learn how to

  • Uncover an organization's true culture, especially over time

Lumina Culture demonstrates the impact of an individual, in potential, and one individual can spark change, lead a revolution, light a fire beneath the feet of an organization that is standing still. Any individual can create change in the work environment around them. Lumina Culture will show you strategies to do this and provide you with tools to effect this change.

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