Lumina Emotion is Lumina Learning’s pioneering new model of emotional intelligence. It is based on research demonstrating that there is a strong overlap between the constructs measured in emotional intelligence and those measured in personality traits. Lumina Emotion uses the Big 5 model of personality to demonstrate that personality traits actually cover the majority of traditional emotional competencies.

Lumina Emotion takes a holistic and balanced view, recognising that all traits can be helpful and effective in their own way. In this way we can see Emotional Intelligence as a practice of managing our personality effectively to suit changing contextual demands, whatever our traits may be.


How is Lumina Emotion different?

Traditional models of Emotional Intelligence (EI) tend to define EI as the most ‘socially desirable’ personality traits. Similarly, these models suggest that experiencing more negative emotions such as worry or self-doubt makes one less ‘emotionally intelligent’.

Lumina Emotion refutes the traditional, polarized view that our “Personality” is something which we cannot change while our “Emotional Intelligence” is a learnable skill unrelated to personality. We believe that there is actually a strong overlap between the constructs measured in traditional “Emotional Intelligence” tests and traditional “Personality Trait” tests.

Our approach embraces Viktor Frankl’s idea of choosing our response in any given situation and then consciously managing our personality depending on the context we find ourselves in. This is how we can create a meaningful life by taking conscious action.

Lumina Emotion focuses on the power of the individual to choose their actions by being Emotionally Agile, the practice of understanding and managing the emotional response.

What does it do?

The personalized Lumina Emotion portrait highlights preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing people to develop effective thinking and meaningful behaviour through the 4 key Agilities.

  1. Being self-aware
  2. Being aware of others
  3. Managing emotions
  4. Taking meaningful action


Lumina Emotion does this by focusing on our 16 Emotional Qualities. These determine how we understand, adapt and manage our emotions day to day. Our personalized and meaningful portrait shows learners where their preferences, strengths, and weaknesses are in each of the 16 Emotional Qualities. The report explores 3 levels of ourselves, called personas.

  1. The Underlying Persona reflects who we are at our most natural
  2. The Everyday Persona reflects our public selves
  3. The Overextended Persona reflects how we behave when we feel overwhelmed


How does it work?

Lumina Emotion is created from responses to an online questionnaire. This questionnaire allows us to create a personalized portrait which covers the 16 Emotional Qualities and the 4 Agilities.

These different elements make up the Lumina Emotion model and are displayed in a range of engaging graphics and brought to life by a dynamic set of narrative statements. All of the content within the portrait is tailored to the learner and their responses to the questionnaire.

Lumina Learning always puts the individual at the heart of what we do. We create personalized reports based on real responses and put the individual in control of their development, allowing them to make genuine breakthroughs in their understanding and create action plans which they will be able to deliver.

How does it fit within the Lumina Learning portfolio?

Lumina Emotion shares a common approach with Lumina Spark and Leader 360, allowing you to build a 3-tier leadership model to use with your clients.

Lumina Emotion can be used on its own and may be delivered either through one-to-one coaching or as part of a facilitation for a team. It is very versatile and can play a role as everything from a diagnostic intervention tool to a development platform for personal and team growth.

Lumina Emotion can also be incorporated as part of a broader development program that incorporates Lumina Learning’s other products like Lumina Spark, Lumina Sales, and Lumina Leader.




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