The Lumina Spark Qualification is a highly interactive course including 2-Day on-site and 1-Virtual Day which prepares and certifies Business and Client Practitioners to deliver the Lumina Spark programs. Participants will experience best practices in facilitating/coaching and will build their capacity to deliver inspirational interventions using the Lumina Spark Portrait and supporting resources.

Enhance your portfolio of client offerings with Lumina Spark, the dynamic new assessment tool from Lumina Learning. Learn to design and deliver powerful learning solutions using the Lumina model in different contexts to generate quite different outcomes. Join and inspirational global community of consultants, facilitators, and coaches who can support you with your professional development.

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You must have had a Lumina Spark debrief of your portrait and be familiar with the Lumina business model prior to the Qualification.



Day 1 | Experience a Lumina Spark workshop.
This highly interactive day will provide you with an inspirational experience, using your Lumina Spark portrait in a workshop format. You will experience 'best practices' in facilitating/coaching, with highly effective and proven processes. This will help you generate ideas for how the concepts can be practically applied in your client accounts.

Day 2 | Theory and Coaching experience. 
We will provide more detail on the background of the Lumina Spark model to enable you to have complete confidence so that you are able to handle any learner's difficult questions. During this day you will coach a fellow practitioner through their Lumina Spark portrait. You will experience how to use the Lumina Spark card deck and the Lumina Spark Mandala mat as experiential learning tools. The links between Jungian psychology and the 'Big 5' will be discussed in addition to the latest thinking in business psychology.



Resources you will receive during the Lumina Spark Qualification

  • Lumina Spark Portrait and 1.5-hour debrief session with a Lumina Spark Practitioner
  • Your Lumina Qualification materials in printed and electronic copy.
  • Your customized Lumina Spark workbook
  • Lumina Spark Card Deck
  • Lumina Activity materials
  • Lumina Spark facilitator Power Point Slides
  • Lumina Bag and notepad
  • Qualification by Lumina Learning Master Practitioner with over 22 years of global corporate consulting/coaching and assessment experience




  • Introduction to your Lumina Learning Practitioner homepage
    ~ ‘My Lumina Online’ where you will generate your Lumina portraits and marketing materials.
  • Three practice portraits for you to practice with friends or family.
  • Access to the Lumina Learning Practitioner website where you can access all our latest learning materials including
    - The latest Lumina Spark PowerPoint Slides to help you get started and
      develop & design your own solutions
    - Facilitator and coaching materials
    - A growing collection of exercises and activities to use in your Lumina
      Spark workshops
    - On-line videos to be used for your workshops and to further your own
       Lumina knowledge and development
  • Full access to Lumina Learning Community and best practices, constant professional development, through live, and recorded webinars for Practitioners only
  • Full support from Lumina Learning Partner
  • 2 Professional Development Days per year




  • Send in your Lumina Spark 'three practice coaching sessions' feedback forms for review.  Due within 8 weeks following the qualification.



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Once you are Lumina Spark Qualified you are welcome to attend the Lumina Spark Qualification again. The fee for a Lumina Spark Qualification resit is approximate $100 per day + applicable taxes, depending on the venue. This fee does NOT include materials. Please bring the Lumina Spark materials received at the initial Lumina Spark Qualification.

Register as soon as possible for a Lumina Spark Qualification or resit. Each Qualification has limited seating to ensure a high-quality learning environment. New Practitioners are given priority seating.



The following Qualifications are available: