psychometric Tools

Lumina Spark           
ignites highly interactive and profound experiences in which learners explore how their personality changes in three situations being underlying, everyday and overextended.  This diverse awareness of self and others aids a team to regain composure when overextended and leads to enhanced relationships, communication and results.

Lumina Leader           
equips leaders with the full awareness of their leadership style consisting of strategies they are choosing often, strategies they are omitting, overextensions and their unique journey to composure. Strengths are leveraged while weaknesses and overextensions are mitigated.

Lumina Sales           
is a pragmatic and powerful tool for sales professionals and sales leaders. Speed reading, building rapport, motivating and inspiring others is handled masterfully along with the six stages of a sales cycle. Each participant understands which stages they focus on and which they exclude along with the effect of overextensions on their sales results. Sales professionals leave with a balanced action plan.

Lumina Emotion            
can be described as the ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self and of others. It can directly influence how a person reacts to stressful situations as well as interpersonal relations. This portrait brings the awareness of strengths, challenges, overextensions and how to be emotionally agile.

Become more self-aware, explore your personality and learn how you relate to others by creating your unique Lumina Splash - Lumina Learning's instantly memorable, visual representation of who you are.


Lumina Team           
provides positive language and impactful visuals to highlight the traits and behaviours within a team.  Patterns emerge in the team mandalas that reveal under-utilized team strengths, development opportunities, blind spots and areas that are not being covered by the team. This enables each player to identify the part they need to play to create a high performing team.

Lumina Life           
defines health as the ability of the individual or organization to manage and deal with challenges in a resilient fashion whether these are emotional, social, contextual or physical. At the organizational level an anonymous and confidential report is presented with recommendations for a healthier and more vital workplace.

Lumina Talent           
brings clarity and agreement on the critical qualities needed for a particular role. Our portraits evaluate your short listed candidates against the critical qualities to asses fit and provide specific interview questions for candidates and previous employers. This portrait is then used for the professional development of your new hire.

Lumina Culture           
analyzes and identifies current culture at the organizational level and compares to the ideal culture.  The gap is then strategized with a focus on the innate strengths within the existing culture and directed toward the ideal culture.  Strategies are developed for the organization and the individuals to ensure that each member is fully engaging their strengths toward the ideal culture.