Training and development

Our training solutions are custom-designed to meet the particular needs of each organization. Below is a sample of a program available.

Please contact us for a free needs assessment and custom agenda to accommodate the unique needs of your organization.


lumina spark workshop

Format: Half or Full day workshop
Suitable for: Small and Large Teams and Open Sessions

Each human being is a unique combination of 24 essential qualities that create the personality. These qualities, and hence your personality changes in three situations being at rest, at work on a good day and when overextended. Our strong visuals identify how you react to stress and what strengths you may lean on to regain composure.  Some strengths are suppressed and some become overused as a normal function of work life balance.  How you respond to your work and home life becomes apparent as we look at win-win strategies for success in both.  Our impactful visuals and experiential learning expand self-awareness and “other awareness”  as a respect for diversity are developed and we learn that “It is not Personal, It is Personality!”  Simple and effective techniques are shown to speed read colleagues and family so you may adapt your approach to enhance relationships and communication. 

The Lumina Spark Splash APP is used to show participants in the workshop specific strategies to get along better in the workplace.


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Lumina Practitioner
Like Lumina? Want to learn more? Want to deliver your own Lumina solutions? Interested in becoming a certified Lumina Practitioner?

Read about becoming a certified Lumina Practitioner.


Format: 1.5-hour One-on-One debrief
Suitable for: Individuals

Lumina One-on-one debriefs may be performed in person or virtually.
There are many scenarios on how to add these with your workshops or instead of workshops.
Depending on your preference; organizations/practitioners provide a 
one-on-one debrief per participant for 1.5 hours BEFORE or AFTER the Lumina Workshop. 
This allows the individual personalized attention, examples and the chance to ask specific and personal questions about their results and the dynamics in their teams.  These sessions are paced for the individual and will focus on their specific interests.

These are available with all of our tools.

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