My Intern Experience

Interning at Lumina Learning Japan for a month has truly been an enriching experience. By working with inspiring female entrepreneurs, I was able to understand the daily functionalities of a consultancy and training firm. From supporting the preparation of materials for various workshops to researching the latest women’s leadership initiatives and psychometric tools in Japan, I was able to enhance my analytic skills and have become commercially aware of this field in Japan. The internship also helped me narrow down my career path and clarify my goals.

Fostering Women's Leadership Talent at Conrad Tokyo

Attending the Fostering Women’s Leadership Talent workshop at Conrad Tokyo was amazing because I was able to experience what Lumina Learning Japan specializes in: women’s leadership. Seeing how Elizabeth conducts herself in front of a large audience and the intense organization that is required behind the workshop, I was impressed by their work and felt proud to be part of it. Analyzing survey results and seeing people’s positive response to the workshop made me really happy because I felt like all the hard work paid off. Designing the 2018 calendar and Wi-Fi cards for the Learning Space was another task I enjoyed. Being a university student, I have a study-focused life. However, by working on these two projects I was able to develop creative thinking skills which in today’s age is a cross-marketable skill. I also valued the feedback given by the team to improve the creative pieces as it helped me recognize my areas of weaknesses. And of course, the joy of seeing the end product was amazing. Other tasks comprised of creating client databases, organizing files and doing tasks such as lamination or office organization, all of which contributed to making my internship a valuable one.

Lumina’s environment is quite different from other offices I have previously interned in. I really like the fact that everyone is motivated and there is a certain amount of ease between the partners and the other employees, making communication an easy job to do. The environment is also highly entrepreneurial, and to an extent ‘open skeptic’. Everything is questioned because questions are encouraged. Nobody is judged and all ideas are considered equally, which is one of the many things I respect about the company. Within few days of interning, I felt a part of the company and at ease with the work.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Lumina. Being a first-year student, there aren’t many opportunities out there that can help you grow as a learner. I am thankful to have been given that opportunity. If you are interested in HR, consultancy, business environment, entrepreneurship or simply want to spend a few weeks or months as productively as possible, joining Lumina Learning Japan will be the best decision you will make.


By Anisha