May 2017 Lumina Spark QualificationMay 2017 Lumina Spark Qualification

May 2017 Lumina Spark Qualification


Lumina Spark Qualification (English) – May 2017

A Lumina Spark Qualification course was held from May 30 – June 1st, 2017. Seven participants joined for Day 1, and four participants (including those re-taking the course) joined for Day 2.

The backgrounds of participants varied from instructors in academic institutions to business owners and already-qualified practitioners re-taking the course. Participants were able to share personal examples of communication difficulties they have encountered at the workplace and how they overcame them. Extending beyond the boundaries of workshop and the knowledge of Lumina Spark, the discussions allowed for a valuable exchange of ideas among participants during the three days of the course. 

On Day 1, participants experienced a one-day workshop. We believe that having fun is the most important objective in our Lumina Spark workshops. For example, an activity involving cards allows participants to learn about the four Lumina colours, diversity, and about themselves and others. Lumina Spark workshops consist of many discussions and interactive exercises. Although all the participants met each other for the first time at the workshop, it was clear that they were engaging in more and more communication with each other thanks to the Day 1 workshop. Perhaps that is one of the most valuable benefits of Lumina Spark.

On Day 2, the course delved into the deeper meaning of the exercises conducted on Day 1 and introduced the important scientific and empirical research behind Lumina Spark. By learning about the Big 5 and Jung’s research, participants were able to understand why it was important (and unique) for Lumina to not be a type-binding assessment.

On Day 3, participants hold their own 30-minute workshop based on what they learned in the past two days. They can try facilitating a part of the Day 1 workshop in their own way, or come up with their own exercise or presentation. All the participants fully tapped into their creativity and individuality; some even prepared props and slides themselves! After each participant finished their demonstration, the other participants and qualification course facilitator offered feedback about what was good, and what can be worked on for future improvement.

Until we hold the follow-on day after nearly eight weeks from the end of the qualification course, participants will use the Lumina Spark to coach or hold workshops for colleagues, family, and friends as a final stage to become Lumina Practitioners!

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