Become a Practitioner 

Join our thriving global community! Become an expert in our next generation psychometrics.

Complete a Lumina Learning qualification programme, become a certified Lumina Practitioner and deliver your own Lumina Learning solutions.


Lumina Spark
is the foundational layer you build upon when becoming qualified in other tools.





What you get:


Lumina Learning's products speak to everyone with nearly 40 pages of portraits, customized to each person. 

Based on your answers to questionnaire, Lumina Spark reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are.

Simple and easy to understand, but also allows detailed and accurate analysis with the direct measurement of 72 personality qualities.


1.Increased self-awareness

2.Work better together and create better results 

3.Improved working relationships and productivity 

4.Cope better with stress


The detail and concreteness of the portraits are the key features

that Lumina Spark is loved by many organisations for recruitment, training and development.





two models to be a practitioner

 We have two types of practitioner business model, dependent on your needs.

1) Client Practitioner

For those who provide solutions within their own organisations. You may do so globally, and we will share with you how to create innovative Lumina Learning solutions, based on our digital resources.

Many HR professionals, recruiters, human resource development facilitators, and trainers take this course.

Lumina Learning Solutions are used by global organisations to share portraits in multiple languages with their staff around the world, making it a common language for collaboration and improving corporate results.

We are always happy to discuss ways to use innovative Lumina Learning solutions to ensure your organisation can get the most out of them.



2) Business Practitioner

For consultancies and individuals who provide solutions to other organisations.

We don't restrict you by geography or organisation. You will become certified to provide Lumina Learning solutions to any type of organisation in any country.


They can be coaches, career consultants and facilitators in private practice, as well as trainers, psychologists and others who have been certified.

With the ability to publish portraits in multiple languages, Lumina Learning's solutions can be delivered to people anywhere in the world.







Please contact us for the dates of the Lumina Spark certification courses.