Practitioner Day Recap

 April 19th, 2017 

On April 19th, we held our first Practitioner Day of 2017. In the first half, we experienced how the official Lumina Spark App can be used. In the latter half, we shared information on the Lumina Asia Conference to be held in July, and had an interactive session with brainstorming and discussion.

The Lumina Splash has become even easier to use since the Japanese version became available last year. In this workshop, we introduced how the App allows us to engage with the Lumina portraits in ways impossible before, such as viewing the mandalas for each individual persona, or comparing mandalas with another person by digitally overlapping them. Using these app functions, we discussed in pairs about which parts of the mandala suggest areas for effective cooperation and, conversely, areas for potential conflicts. Through this interactive activity, participants were able to learn firsthand about how to use the app.

Practitioners can use even more functions within the app. The Splash Gallery, for example, saves and compares other peoples’ individual portraits. Another function allows practitioners to draw a Lumina Splash directly on the app. During the workshop, we provided some scenarios to discuss how the app can be used by practitioners during sales meetings, and in pairs engaged in roleplay exercises.

In the latter half of the event, we shared details on the Lumina Asia Conference planned to be held in Tokyo in July, and were able to hear the voices of our practitioners. We also shared the results of a questionnaire we sent to our practitioners beforehand. Furthermore, we brainstormed and shared our successful experiences in sales, design, and facilitation of Lumina programmes.