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I, Gita Meldere, the Lumina Learning Partner in Baltic, warmly welcome you into Lumina Learning World!
Lumina Learning is dedicated to creating instruments that are lacking in our global marketplace. These instruments are innovative, leading edge, experiential and practical. Our validated psychometric tools do not stereotype or box people in as we use these to serve individuals, teams, leaders, organizations and coaches globally.
Lumina Learning provides the gift of awareness of unique and authentic Personality Preferences, Leadership Style, Sales Approach, Influencing Strategies, Emotional Agility Patterns and how you show up in Team Dynamics.
You have a possibility to participate in Lumina Learning Certification programms and to become an independent Lumina Learning Practitioner. You will use Lumina tools in your professional environment to help people raise their awareness about themselves, about others, and to improve their relationships and communication.

I warmly welcome all interested professionals from all Baltic - Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. 

Join the global and inspiring Lumina Learning community and start your personal journey by using Lumina tools and creating sustainable solutions for your companies or your clients!  


Lumina Practitioner


ENTREPRENEUR who develops a business and who wants to understand people with whom to reach new horizons

CXO who leads a diverse management team and who appreciates the importance of humanist culture to achieve company goals.

HR MANAGER who likes people and wants to help business leaders to strategically manage the biggest company asset - human beings. 

LEARNING & TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL who sees market trends, takes care of professional and human skills development, wants to know the larger spectrum of human potential and wants to be able to flexibly to align human capital with changing situations in a business environment.

RECRUITER who, besides a candidate's professional competencies, values an accurate assessment that helps to look into the dynamic and complex nature of a candidate's personality.

COACH & TRAINER who uses different methods to help people to be successful and you wants to develop your coaching tool arsenal with innovative science-based development instruments to better serve your clients and to increase your professionalism.

IT & PROJECT TEAM LEADER who works with strategic project teams and understands the significance of the people factor in project management success. Quick decisions and actions, flexibility, effective brainstorming are possible if a team knows “who we are”.

 SCHOOL DIRECTOR & TEACHER who works with the world's probably most important resource - children and students - and wants to give them a space to discover the world and themselves.

CAREER CONSULTANT who is aware that in 5 years there will be different professions and you will function as support to find out how people with their personal resources can create the career that they want at that moment.

SALES TRAINER who looks for the tool that helps the sales manager and salesperson to understand the significant impact of sales team members potential and their behavior, displayed with clarity on nicely formatted spreadsheets.  


 … here I'll stop to name who could be a Lumina Practitioner.

I don't want to limit you. I just called the most recognizable ones at this point in time. ONE THING IS COMMON -


 Lumina Practitioners do not label people. They are sincerely curious and appreciate the deepness of persons potential to reach business goals and go beyound them. They see people as “human beings" not as “human doings”. 
Lumina Practitioners focus their activities on HOW to support organizations or clients to find ways to create an environment where people gain awareness about themselves and others; and where gained awareness helps to appreciate and manage diversity, collaborate and take meaningful actions.

Lumina Learning founder and CEO Stewart Desson says that assessment tools used by companies to recruit talent, develop leaders and manage cultural changes must embrace complexity. Therefore his mission is to create tools that people appreciate and that help businesses understand the full complexity and dynamism of human personalities.

He says: “In my opinion, the best use of a psychometric is to catalyze a conversation to help people create meaning, figure out who they are, raise their awareness and change their behavior. That’s the perfect use.”
The Lumina Spark model integrates the “Big Five” personality factors approach with key concepts drawn from Jungian psychology to address some of the limitations of other models regarding the measurement and explanation of personality. Lumina Spark is unique among psychometric tools because it eliminates stereotyping while identifying one’s personality behaviors through a scientific measurement process. Download Lumina Spark paper.
We will start a certification tour with Lumina Spark - the flagship tool of the Lumina Learning System. Within two very intensive days, you will get a personal experience, reflect, discuss and learn from others about Lumina Spark deepness and usefulness for people growth.
You will unlock Lumina Spark’s memorable, accurate and meaningful approach to personality.


As a Lumina Spark Practitioner, you are given total flexibility to facilitate the use of Lumina Spark in your businesses or with your clients.

You will get access also to the tools Lumina Team and Lumina Select (recruitment tool). 

There will be a possibility to join certifications for other Lumina tools also - Lumina Emotion, Lumina Leader 360, Lumina Sales.

You will have a possibility to work out your unique Practitioner strategy and how you can create a branding for yourself.

Do you want to start the journey with Lumina Learning? 

Please contact me, and we will schedule a conversation:


Mob.: +371 29716131

Skype: gitamel