Personality Matters

Are you a personal adviser, coach or trainer? Are you interested in expanding your valuable professional work with the help of a standout, high quality, and esteemed psychometric tool?

Are you responsible for human resources or organisation development in your company? Do you want to make your innovative recruitment and staff development plans, as well as your executive training programs, even more appealing? Do you want to be able to make challenging changes more quickly and easily? Do you want to use an innovative and high quality psychometric tool?

Are you a Manager or Executive, responsible for driving the success of your company? Do you want to further improve your team’s performance and noticeably improve the quality of communication and teamwork between your employees?

With the innovative psychometric tool Lumina Spark, it is possible to consciously and precisely observe personality differences in all these areas and more. The tool provides a “common language”, which allows us to express and talk about personality differences and puts us in a position to seize opportunities and minimise risk. It facilitates learning and development, enables successful integration, makes synergies possible, and improves performance.

Knowing yourself is the basis of self-confidence, which itself forms the basis of a feeling of self worth. Only those who can appreciate themselves can appreciate others. Using this idea, Lumina Spark makes a valuable contribution towards good, constructive, and above all successful relationships with others.

Being open and willing to address any issues is a basic rule for successfully working together with others. The clear understanding of personality differences, as well as of possible sources of friction and conflict, gives us the ability to recognise and resolve conflict and to deal with problems in a solution oriented way.

The Lumina Spark Portrait is a modern and high quality psychometric tool, with which you can instigate and push through long lasting change on both an individual and organisational level.


Lumina Spark - Psychometric Innovation


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Lumina Spark looks at personality preferences. These are prominent behavioural traits, also called qualities in the Lumina Spark model. Based on the Big Five central personality dimensions and the eight personality traits within them, 24 different qualities are measured with the help of an online questionnaire. The results are presented in easy to understand and appealing format, with personalised text and attractive, meaningful graphics. The extensive personality portrait can consist of up to 44 pages.

Because of a few marked differences, Lumina Spark clearly stands out from other psychometric tools on the market:

‘Bottom Up’ Model and ‘Not Only but Also’ Logic:

The 24 qualities at the heart of the model, on which all analysis is based, are “measured” independently from each other. They are not treated with the more common ‘either-or’ logic, an example of which is the forced-choice method, but instead are measured using a five-point scale. Because of this, two opposite dimensions of the personality can be equally highly developed. For example, introversion and extraversion, along with their respective qualities, can both be highly pronounced.

The three behavioural patterns:

In the process of evaluation, three different behavioural patterns are looked at and differentiated:

a) The underlying persona reflects our natural behavioural preferences. The qualities in this Persona motivate us. This is the way we know ourselves best, but it is not always how we present ourselves.

b) The everyday persona reflects our conscious, everyday behaviour. This is also how other people see us. This persona is our answer to the behavioural expectations and demands of our environment.

c) The overextended persona reflects our reaction to certain stimuli. This persona comes to the fore when we behave in an exaggerated fashion, for example in a stressful situation or as a result of another personal ‘trigger’.

The separate treatment of these three personas contributes to a sophisticated and comprehensive idea of an individual’s personality.

Personalised evaluation:

Every portrait is individually put together. The text and graphics are generated based on individual responses to the questions and an analysis of these responses.

Customer specific and project specific presentation:

Certified Lumina practitioners, who use the Lumina Spark portrait in their own projects, have the freedom to vary the way they put it together, change the order of the text and graphics, and add supplementary materials. Customer and project logos can be integrated and additional pages with more information and exercises can be drawn up.