Sparking a psychometric revolution

Lumina Learning creates innovative psychometrics and possesses a global network of practitioners who specialise in organisational change and long-term improvement. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings" Lumina Learning practitioners can help organisations transform their performance by transforming their people.

Find your inner Spark

The Lumina Spark portrait is Lumina Learning's flagship psychometric tool. Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalised portrait focusing on increased self-awareness and practical development points to assess and improve communication, teamwork and leadership.
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Paint your big picture

Lumina Culture focuses on personality on an organisational as well as individual level. It looks to enhance organisational awareness and unity as well as providing the processes to implement large-scale and lasting change.
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A customer-tailored process

Lumina Sales is based on a personalised assessment of the impact of an individual's personality preferences on the overall sales cycle. It focuses on improving influencing skills and harnessing natural strengths more efficiently in the selling process.
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Be on the same page

Lumina Team provides solutions to capitalise on your team's strengths and examine its blind spots to maximise collective success. By gaining a new perspective teams are able to overcome old communication barriers and resolve hidden issues.
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Lead the way, in your own way

Lumina Leader is a powerful tool that helps an individual to gain a better understanding of their Leadership style and overall strengths. It also provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from others to present a comprehensive view of a Leader's personality.
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It's mutual

Lumina Talent is designed to enhance the communication between candidates and recruiters. Unearthed potential can be brought to light and expectations can be understood clearly by both sides.
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不論是個人 或 企業組織




而是 支持所有生命





讓個人 組織 環境的生命體

彼此支持 永續共存共榮



The Big Idea


Lumina Learning Taiwan-緣起

Pivot Coaching and Consulting 帕米特教練顧問有限公司,基於認同 Lumina Learning 人性、創新、正向的精神與理念,於2016年6月成為 Lumina Learning Partner Asia台灣區獨家代理合作夥伴,正式將 Lumina Learning 開發的個人與組織發展系統工具引進台灣,希望連結更多在不同專業領域、專注於 "人" 的無限潛能發展的認證合作夥伴,建立一個專業的 Lumina Learning Taiwan 網絡,透過 Lumina Learning 旗下不斷創新開發並不斷優化的個人化發展工具,提供個人與組織發展最適化解決方案。

Lumina Learning Taiwan 專注致力於透過 Lumina Learning 旗下 Spark 、 Sales 、 Leader 、 Leader360 、 Team 、 Emotion 等個人化應用發展工具,協助個人洞察在不同情境、不同層面的自我特質展現,進而發展及發揮個人潛能,促進個人與他人及組織的有效連結,支持個人全面平衡的成長與發展。企業組織可藉此引導團隊了解成員的差異性,激發成員的特質和優勢展現,引發覺察自己的盲點和侷限,更有系統地協助團隊中成員的個人化能力發展,透過持續不斷有意識地學習成長,同時提升個人與組織有效溝通、團隊合作的能力!

Lumina Learning 提供的不是傳統框架式、制式標準化的測評工具,而是重視個體性、重視如何協助個人及企業組織有效開發人才潛能的「個人化特質發展工具」。Lumina相信,唯有打破框框,才能看見人的真正樣子。

Lumina Learning Taiwan 團隊提供各式個人化肖像及個人組織發展解決方案,主張個體性(參差原則、脈絡原則、路徑原則),透過 Lumina Learning 多樣工具以及Coaching 協助你發現自己、你的團隊、你的企業及合作夥伴的無限潛能,共創無限可能!


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