Lumina Spark Research 

Thank you for taking part in our research. At Lumina Learning we are committed to continually researching our instruments to ensure they are grounded in a strong evidence base. The current research looks at the extent to which individuals can display seemingly opposite qualities in different contexts. Both questionnaires contain questions relating to your natural underlying preferences, and also how you typically behave.

To say thank you for your time we will send you a complimentary report of your results. If you complete the first link you will be emailed a report on your personality. If you are able to complete both questionnaires then we will also email you a report on your emotional intelligence. Please note that no published results will contain any identifying information relating to you. 

You can save your place in the questionnaire and return to it later by selecting the 'save and continue' bar at the top of the page. Each questionnaire will take between 15 and 20 minutes.

Questionnaire 1.

Questionnaire 2.

Thank you again,

The Lumina Learning Research Team