Measuring Both Ends of the Big 5 Personality Scales Independently

Stewart Desson, Stephen Benton1, & John Golding2

1 Business Psychology Centre, University of Westminster, London, UK

2 Department of Psychology, University of Westminster, London, UK


This paper outlines the development of a tool that integrates advances in personality theory. Big Five personality theory guided the inductive development of 10 scale pairs in the new measure representing the two poles of each Big 5 factors. The 10 scale pairs have been further broken down into 32 facets. Factor Analysis of the 32 facets in an international sample of 2158 mixed working population replicates the Big Five Factor well. Results show that measures of behaviour at both ends of the big five scales can be created and that the Big Five factor structure persists.  

Keywords: Big Five, factor analysis, inductive, deductive, bifurcate, mandala, circumplex

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