Meet some of the many talented people who are certified Lumina Practitioners in The Americas. Register for an information session to find out more about becoming a Lumina Practitioner.

Rebecca Bales (the americas)

Specialist areas:
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Global Workforce Development
  • Innovation and Marketing
  • Action Learning
Lumina is one of the most effective learning systems to understand personal preference based diversity. Visuals that are used in the Lumina and multi-language system are very useful and effective for various training and diverse participants.


Marcel brunel (Texas)

Specialist areas:
  • Diversity
  • Culture by Design
  • Sales Development
  • Organizational Well Being
Lumina provides an analytical framework with a mechanism of the universal way of how human psychology works. In our modern society, people tend to believe what they see, and Lumina allows them to become more self-aware and to perceive areas not so easily detected in human relationships, especially in organizations.

Eileen Twichell (Boston)

Specialist areas:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Supporting organisations and individuals through growth and change
I like Lumina’s true ability to value diversity and it's humanistic ‘both / and’ approach. The Three Personas allow you to consider how personality changes in different contexts and Lumina gives you the language to talk about it. E.g. ‘You're being very down to earth at the moment.