Our training solutions are custom-designed to meet the particular needs of each organisation. The courses below are a sample selection of programs available. For more information, or for a free consultation, please email rebeccabales@luminalearning.com or call 1-888-827-8855.

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Format: 2-day workshop
Suitable for: Managers working in global business environments 

This programme develops the essential attitudes, behaviour, communication and self-leadership skills to succeed in today's increasingly global business environment. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the diversity of psychographic styles, the range of cultural preferences, how these are demonstrated and their impact on business communications. The course is engaging and experiential throughout and includes role-play activities. Learning outcomes include techniques for minimising cultural miscommunications and for adapting to diverse communication styles. 

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Format: 1-day workshop
Suitable for: Teams seeking higher performance

In an increasing number of organisations teams are at a crisis level, struggling with high levels of change and uncertainty. Leaders struggle to maintain team engagement and motivation. This high-energy programme assists the team to uncover their highest success qualities, both at the individual and team levels. Acknowledging, aligning and celebrating the team's top qualities increases team motivation and positive communication and raises team power and engagement. Team behaviours change, translating to more effective use of strengths, immediate better business results and dramatically improved team performance.

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Format: 2 or 3 day workshop
Suitable for: Female high potentials

This programme is specially designed for Japanese female high potential employees to enhance leadership abilities and raise personal and professional confidence in an informal single-gender learning environment. The programme uses a blend of robust methodologies, interactive role-plays and up-to-the-minute learning frameworks to build self-awareness of personal strengths, reduce self-limiting beliefs, develop an individual leadership style, negotiate the power balance and gain essential presentation skills. Our experiential learning structure gives opportunities to explore new behaviours, receive coaching and experiment in the moment with simulations and real-work situation practices.

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Format: 1-day workshop
Suitable for: Managers transitioning into leadership. Established leaders seeking a stronger authentic leadership identity.

Leaders who commit to personal understanding, development and change show the greatest capability for transforming both themselves and their organisations. A one-day intensive programme which gives participants important insights into their top leadership style and related qualities. The increased level of self-awareness creates a strong foundation for developing an integrated and confident leadership style based on individual strengths and authentic communication. The Lumina Leader 360° Portrait is a key learning resource giving each participant highly accurate information on top leadership traits and valuable stakeholder feedback.  

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Format: 2-day Workshop
Suitable for: Organisations changing to a people-development culture.

Lumina Four Circle Coaching™ is a highly practical and easy to learn coaching skills method empowering leaders and managers to embed a learning and people-development culture across the organisation. The quickly mastered four step process and the extensive hands-on coaching practice give participants confidence to utilise their skills on the job immediately. Key outcomes are improved relationships between managers and teams, higher organisational motivation and performance, fuller use of individual talents and potential, and stronger commitment to learning at all levels of the organisation.

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