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The Lumina Learning Israel Partners identify, develop and nurture the network of professional practitioners to apply the Lumina methodology . Our goal is to uplift and transform individuals, organisations and the greater society of Israel.


Nicole Martin shares the Partnership of Lumina Learning Israel with Saul and Michal Kaplan. Nicole brings in-depth experience at building and leading on-line personality-based businesses. Nicole is a Director of Lumina Learning Global supporting the business to achieve its’ goals. She launched Lumina Learning in South Africa in 2010 and continues to lead the business through a network of strategic alliances and practitioners. Nicole is an Organisational Psychologist with over 25 years of international experience in providing learning solutions, facilitation and coaching to Fortune 500 companies. Saul and Michal Kaplan first engaged with Lumina as clients when they witnessed their organisations go through a deep transformation as a result of the Lumina process. As a result, they decided to join the team of qualified Lumina practitioners in 2013 in South Africa where they gained extensive experience and guidance from Nicole. After doing intensive market research we moved to Israel in August 2014 to open up Lumina Israel. As a qualified industrial Psychologist Michal has both the theoretical and practical experience. Michal spent the last 18 months translating the product into Hebrew in conjunction with professional translators. Saul`s experience in leading large teams, as well as his strategic business development experience, has made him a key partner in the business. Saul and Michal are based in Israel and work with Nicole remotely, who is now London-based. Nevertheless, Nicole accepts any opportunity to travel to Israel to directly support clients and practitioners in order to build their capability and confidence to effectively apply Lumina Learning methodology. Together, Michal, Saul and Nicole create a powerful team to ensure Lumina can make a difference in Israel.

What makes me tick

There is no greater pleasure than uplifting those around us in meaningful ways. We have the opportunity to play a role in the transformation of this young democracy, and look for ways to make an impact in a region that incorporate multiple cultures and beliefs. Besides raising our children, there is nothing that makes us more excited than the opportunity that lies before us.

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