Mathis Martin



As German Partner, and Managing Director of Lumina Learning EMEA GmbH, my role is to build and support the community of German-speaking Lumina Learning practitioners.


I’ve been working as a coach, trainer, and consultant since 2001. With a background in business psychology, I started my career with a focus on training and coaching of interpersonal skills. Continuous education in systemic approaches to coaching and organizational development broadened my perspective and widened the range of methods I use to support my clients. The psychology of personality has always been a common theme and one of the most important perspectives in my work. I’m passionate about understanding, and helping people understand, how similarities and differences of personality influence and impact, teamwork, leadership and self-management, - and especially about finding ways to further improve collaboration based on this knowledge.

What makes me tick

I love to support people in their personal growth. Seeing people develop and improve is a highly rewarding and fulfilling experience for me. I’m deeply convinced that people who know themselves well, and who are true to themselves, are inspired and energized to make a positive difference in their personal and professional lives.

+49 331 5882709

move and balance GmbH, Schloßstraße 13, 14467 Potsdam