Regine Martin



I’m a member of the German Lumina Learning Partner Team, and a Learning and Development Consultant. My role is to help grow the Lumina Learning business, and to build up and professionalise the community of German speaking Lumina Learning practitioners.


My academic background is in the fields of social pedagogy and psychology. I have gained over 25 years of professional experience as a trainer, facilitator and coach, both in internal and external roles, working as an HR professional in larger organizations, and as a consultant for various companies in the fields of organizational development and management consulting. In 2002 I started my own consulting business, and joined forces with my partner, Mathis Martin. We established move

What makes me tick

It is a great joy and satisfaction for me to support people, teams and organisations in their growth and learning. My passion is to create sustainable benefit for organizations through enabling their people to leverage the synergies that are embedded in the diversity of individuals. My motto is: “You need to live out your talents. Otherwise you suffocate from inner richness”.

+49 331 5882709

move and balance GmbH, Schloßstraße 13, 14467 Potsdam