Christina Nikolopoulou



As Lumina Learning Partner for Greece, Christina is creating a Team of talented Lumina professionals, highly-inspired and driven, from across Greece, whom she trains and guides to master the Lumina products and strategies in order to provide their clients with the best possible service. With her strong interpersonal skills, Christina fully utilizes and continuously grows a strong network of client and strategic relationships she has built not only regionally, but also globally. Christina, always leading from the front, fosters and cultivates an environment of innovation and creativity, allowing the individual talents and strengths of each team member to be fully utilized, achieving an effective and dynamic team spirit. Christina is maintaining a strong connection with the Headquarters of Lumina Learning in the United Kingdom and with the affiliate offices and other partners across the world.


Christina started her career in Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 working in spectator services for CSC international. Since 2004 In her career as a Business Psychologist she recruited , trained and managed teams up to 2000 volunteers and paidstaff for cultural and athletic events in Greece of up to 100,000 spectators ( World Tour Beachvolley tounament by FIVB 2005-2006, Champions League final Athens 2007 by FIFA, Proolympic Qualification Basketball tournament by fiba 2008, Madonna 2008 and U2 2010 concerts by didimusic, Special Olympics 2011, WRC-ERC Rally of Acropolis 2012-2014, by Celeritas). In 2010 she opened the 1st Indoor Beachvolley training center in Greece in Olympic Stadium of Athens where she promotes employees sports academies as the best antistress and teambuilding method. Research shows that stepping barefoot in the olympic quality sand brings harmony to body, mind and soul. As Lumina Learning partner her clear goal is to awaken Greeks to find their dynamic by using Lumina Learning Instruments. She beleives that Lumina Learning products and Lumina Learning global family can help Greece recover from crisis.

What makes me tick

My inspiration is to direct people to find their spark within ,to help them take away their fear of changing working paths and boost their confidence to change for a better and healthier working life. The light of Greece and the olympic spirit makes me tick. The unconditional love of human hearts gives me the power to move mountains.

+30 694 653 8658

Lumina Learning Greece, Olympic Stadium of Athens, Artemidos Street, Gate of National Track & Field, OAKA INDOOR BEACHVOLLEY Training Centre