Dr. Elke Brenstein



As German Partner and Managing Director of the Lumina Learning EMEA GmbH I am responsible for building and supporting the community of German-speaking Lumina Learning practitioners who are passionate about personal development and sustainable learning solutions. I am part of the global Lumina faculty team.


I have over 25 years of experience as a learning and development consultant in academic and business settings in the US and Germany. My strong desire to apply my knowledge has led me to leave academia to work full time as an independent consultant, trainer, and coach. With a double Masters degree in Anthropology and Linguistics and a PhD in Psychology, I have a keen interest in diversity and the differences between people that sometimes get in the way of personal, team and leadership effectiveness. While living in the US for 16 years, I worked as a researcher and university instructor in the field of individual differences, evaluation and measurement and as independent business consultant. As an expert on blended learning methodology, I have supported businesses in implementing collaborative and interactive teaching methodologies to maximise individual engagement and long-term learning. My passion for how and why people function the way they do has led me to focus on personality differences and how they can be measured and applied for better collaboration and leadership. I have worked with different personality instruments as consultant and trainer. As a certified Systemic Business Coach, I have provided support and challenge for individuals to develop and use their unique talents as they pursue personal and professional goals. Being a Lumina Partner brings it all together!

Ce qui me fait vibrer

I get inspired by the immediate impact our work has on the daily lives of people. It is great to experience that understanding and valuing differences is good for business – because it leads to better communication and better performance. I enjoy using my creativity to create workable win-win solutions.


+49 17630443169

In der Heide 4,14476 Potsdam, Germany