Ruba A. Ahmad



Ruba is partner and general manager of ICCL-Jordan. She is a consultant working in the Jordanian market after 20 years of experience in various areas of management, design and quality. Her field work aims to enhance the local industries and businesses by provide a professional hand-in-hand consulting and training. Ruba is a Lumina Learning Practitioner in Psychometric portraits training for individuals, teams and organizations. Her passion is to achieve sustainable and real change and development in the organizations, teams and individuals. She is highly interested in empowering youth and fresh graduates capabilities and skills. Role: Partner and General Manager of ICCl-Jordan, Senior Management Systems & HR Consultant, Trainer (Teams and individuals)


Before establishing and running ICCL-Jordan Ruba has a thorough experience in quality management systems including. She is classified as an ISO quality management system lead auditor. She has a solid base knowledge and experience in ISO 9000, 22000 and 14000. Ruba has also a strong practice in human resources management HRM. She served as a Human Resources Manager at Abdin Industrial Establishment where she founded their human resources department and managed it to its full capacity.

What makes me tick

The Passion to introduce something new by merging long experience with new fields of knowledge, like Lumina and LEGO, together in order to achieve high level of positive impact


Wasfi AlTall Street (Garden St.) Al-Basem Building (66)-Office 102