Each and every organisation has its own identity that will shape the requirements of their selection process. Successfully identifying and selecting strong candidates is a crucial part of growing a business. It is important to take into account the values of an organisation as well as the requirements of a specific role in order to ensure that the candidate will fit in successfully. Lumina Talent is aimed at identifying potential and creating a more effective recruitment and talent management process for organisations.

Talent is designed to increase awareness for both the recruiter and the candidate as they both can get a much better sense of the qualities needed for a particular role within the culture of an organisation.


How it Works

An individual's preferences and behavioural traits will have a large impact on their ability to work in a particular organisational environment. Lumina Learning assesses each individual separately and works to identify key areas of personal strength as well as areas for development. Once these have been identified a recruiter can use that information to tailor their selection process, for example using questions that probe ways a candidate has worked to strengthen their weaker qualities.

We developed Lumina Talent not as a tool to screen candidates, but rather to identify traits within a person and the respective qualities they possess. With that in mind, we would never allow or structure Talent so that it could be used as an independent screening tool.

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