Comparing Jungian, Big5 & Lumina Factors

The table below shows the typical names of dimensions linked with personality and the industry standard codes often used to describe them.

4 measures
Big 5
5 measures
Lumina Spark
10 measures
Introvert OR Extravert
I or E
E+ to E-
Extraversion E+
Introversion E-
Feeling OR Thinking
F or T
A+ to A-
People Focused A+
Outcome Focused A-
Intuition OR Sensing
N or S
Open to Experience
O+ to O-
Big Picture Thinking O+
Down to Earth O-
Judging OR Perceiving
J or P
C+ to C-
Discipline Driven C+
Inspiration Driven C-
Typically not Measured Neuroticism
N+ to N-
Hot Reactor N+
Cool Reactor N-