Benefits of Lumina Learning

It's Personal

All of our scientifically validated psychometrics, systems and resources are highly individualised so everybody touched by our programmes receives a meaningful, personal experience.

It's Customisable

We have an outstanding range of ready to use products, with substantial expertise in customising them to suit your specific needs.

It Sticks

We use colourful and practical imagery that people remember easily and apply in every aspect of their lives even years after a Lumina Learning experience.

It Works

Our approach is flexible, measurable and results-orientated. We ensure everybody is held accountable, making sure that our clients receive the best possible benefits to ensure that their goals are met.


Our Core Values

Committed to Being Customer Centric

We are dedicated to our customers and are always focused on their needs

Inspired by Innovation

We are excited by turning creative possibilities into reality

Passionate About Personal Development

We acknowledge that each and every one of us is a work in progress

With a Zest for Life

We love what we do and we are energised by our work


Our Commitments to you

Lumina Learning partners and consultants commit to the following:


We stand by our convictions and are willing to challenge and be challenged


We collaborate with you to customise our offering to meet your specific needs


We acknowledge our own and other people's humanity

Being our word

We commit to being trustworthy and keeping our promises