Sparking a psychometric revolution

Lumina Learning creates innovative psychometrics and possesses a global network of practitioners who specialise in organisational change and long-term improvement. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings" Lumina Learning practitioners can help organisations transform their performance by transforming their people.

Find your inner Spark

The Lumina Spark portrait is Lumina Learning's flagship psychometric tool. Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalised portrait focusing on increased self-awareness and practical development points to assess and improve communication, teamwork and leadership.
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Paint your big picture

Lumina Culture focuses on personality on an organisational as well as individual level. It looks to enhance organisational awareness and unity as well as providing the processes to implement large-scale and lasting change.
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A customer-tailored process

Lumina Sales is based on a personalised assessment of the impact of an individual's personality preferences on the overall sales cycle. It focuses on improving influencing skills and harnessing natural strengths more efficiently in the selling process.
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Be on the same page

Lumina Team provides solutions to capitalise on your team's strengths and examine its blind spots to maximise collective success. By gaining a new perspective teams are able to overcome old communication barriers and resolve hidden issues.
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Lead the way, in your own way

Lumina Leader is a powerful tool that helps an individual to gain a better understanding of their Leadership style and overall strengths. It also provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from others to present a comprehensive view of a Leader's personality.
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It's mutual

Lumina Talent is designed to enhance the communication between candidates and recruiters. Unearthed potential can be brought to light and expectations can be understood clearly by both sides.
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We invite you to be part of the vibrant community of Lumina Learning in Indonesia.

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Lumina Learning Indonesia

In Indonesia we place a premium on inclusivity and diversity. We have a rich and diverse culture and we believe that by harnessing that diversity people can collaborate effectively together and achieve even more.

Lumina Learning provides tools and solutions that help us understand one another. This understanding is built on a firm foundation of self-awareness and leads to more effective communication and interpersonal behaviours.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you to develop people in your company, please contact us.




Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) Global is a group that supports Indonesian Diaspora worldwide. Between 10-13 August 2019, it held its 5th Congress in Jakarta.

During that period, Lumina Indonesia ran a workshop for over 30 young Indonesian Diaspora living and studying in 20 countries. The event was titled "Am I Making Myself Heard?". Using knowledge of self and others, the participants explored factors that hindered them from gaining employment back in Indonesia. They then transformed those factors to positive actions that they could collectively take with the help of knowledge they gained about themselves and others in the workshop.

The 4 Principals of Lumina:
* Understanding Self
* Understanding Others
* Influencing Others
* Co-creating Results

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