March 2017 Lumina Spark Qualification

Lumina Spark Back Excercise

Lumina Spark Qualification (japanese) - March 2017

On March 29th - 31st we held our first Lumina Spark Qualification (in Japanese) of 2017. Ten participants joined for Day 1, including those for a one-day trial. A total of five participants, consisting of four qualification candidates and one practitioner retaking the course, partook in the Day 2 and Day 3 courses.

The content for each day was revised from the previous year’s programme, and became more interactive and comprehensible for the participants.

On Day 1, ten participants (including those experiencing a free one-day workshop) joined the workshop. By focusing on the topic of team communication, participants were able to learn each colour’s preferred communication style and the perspective on diversity as offered through Lumina Spark. Furthermore, participants engaged in roleplay to practice communicating with people of each colour, including those different from themselves.

Day 2 answered many questions typically asked by workshop participants regarding the relationship between psychological preferences and culture. By introducing the data accumulated through the research conducted by Lumina, participants were able to further deepen their knowledge on Lumina Spark by comparing data based on gender, country, and psychometric tool.

Participants held a Lumina Spark workshop on Day 3. By having each participant be in charge of a section of the workshop, an extremely creative and interactive session was realised, and the workshop served as a learning experience for both participants and facilitators. The workshop became a big step for these new practitioners in terms of knowing the role of a facilitator, the importance of interactive exercises, and optimal workshop environment.

A follow-on day is planned to be held on May 26th

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