elizabeth handover

Elizabeth Handover is the Lumina Learning Japan Partner and President. An extensive career in theatre performance, teaching and learning & development underpins her expertise in leadership development, organisational change and teambuilding. A Lumina Asia Faculty member, Elizabeth certifies professional trainers and coaches to facilitate the Lumina Learning portfolio of innovative leadership, team and personal development profiles. 

Elizabeth supports teams at all levels to build a collaborative and productive company culture and has worked with executive leaders and teams at Lixil, AstraZeneca, Hilton, Coca-Cola, PayPal and Moody’s among others. At present, she is engaged in team culture change initiatives with Panasonic, LG Electronics and Janssen Pharmaceutical.

She facilitates women’s leadership courses to accelerate the career growth so urgently needed by major organisations, engaging specialist theatre techniques in order to foster confidence in key strengths and authentic leadership style and presence.

Since 2012 Elizabeth has facilitated the Global Management Academy, an intensive one-year programme forging high-potential managers into highly capable and inclusive global leaders.

Elizabeth was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2014 British Business Awards. She is Vice-Chair of the ACCJ Women In Business Committee, Consultant to the U.S.-Japan Council Tomodachi MetLife Women’s Leadership Programme and Executive Partner to the Hilton JKM Women’s Leadership Conference. A dynamic keynote speaker and moderator, she gives frequent presentations at conferences and symposiums.


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