Become a Lumina Practitioner

With a Lumina Spark certification, you will not only expand your individual professional repertoire in the areas of consulting, coaching, training, human resources and organisation development. Your methodical expertise will also be supplemented by this high quality tool and you will become a member of the globally established Lumina Learning Community.

The goals of certification

Getting certified is an opportunity for you to develop both personally and professionally in a worry free and professional learning environment. You will be provided with information about Lumina Learning that is reinforced in interactive ways and made emotionally accessible to you. During the certification process, you will:

  • Get to know the theoretical and statistical background of the Lumina Spark model and how it has been developed
  • Learn what makes Lumina Learning and the Lumina Spark model stand out from their competitors
  • Learn to use the Lumina online system to manage customers and projects and adapt products to the individual requirements of the customer
  • Learn how to organise consulting, coaching and training sessions using the Lumina Spark Portrait and accompanying resources
  • Gain an overview of other Lumina Learning products and resources in order to be able to inform your customers about them if required

Are you already qualified to use Lumina Spark?

We can also offer you a Lumina Sales qualification. Please contact us for further information.


Lumina Spark - The Certification Process

Day 1: Understanding the Lumina Spark model and portrait

We will provide you with sound background knowledge on the topic of personality differences and its significance in different contexts. Through this, you will gain a concrete knowledge of how the 24 qualities, together with the eight personality traits and four-colour preference system, can influence our perception, thoughts and behaviour. You will get to know the Lumina Spark model: how it has been developed and validated; how its approach is different from that of its competitors; and how versatile it can be. The Big Five personality dimensions that lie at the heart of the Lumina Spark model will be clearly illustrated. The links between Jungian psychology and the Big Five will be discussed, as will the latest thinking and findings of neuropsychological and personality-related psychological research.

Day 2: Consulting, training, or coaching with Lumina Spark

You will get to know the Lumina Spark working materials in more detail. We will discuss the components of the Lumina Spark portrait and accompanying booklet, so that you are confident working with it and able to answer any questions that your customers might have. Through targeted exercises, you will get an idea of the many uses of the portrait and accompanying materials. You will learn how to manage projects and adapt portraits to the individual customer’s needs, using your online Lumina account. There will also be time to discuss ethical questions and think about your next steps as a certified Lumina Spark practitioner.

Day 3: Running a Lumina Spark workshop

The third day is primarily about putting what you have learnt so far into practice. A variety of training and coaching exercises will give you more confidence for your future work with the tool. You will also have the opportunity to try out different materials and methods with the group.

By the end of the certification process, you will have a clear idea of how you can integrate Lumina Spark into your future work. With your certificate in one hand and a glass of sparkling in the other, enjoy a friendly and celebratory atmosphere.