Marcela Ruzkova


Slovakia & Czech Republic


As a partner since 2011 Marcela´s role is to source and build a community of Lumina Learning professionals across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Marcela supports her consultants and clients as they master the Lumina products and tools. Her passion and focus for development leads to successful, long term relationships and connections with clients. Marcela also develops and supports all the translational required to fully bring Lumina Learning products into the Slovak and Czech speaking market.


Marcela has over 11 years’ experience as a consultant in business settings in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Her HR, sales, people management experience in many areas (including production, service, healthcare and pharmaceutical) allows her to bring a wide range of expertise to her work in personal and organisational development by utilising a high level of knowledge and flexibility. From 2003 she was part of the DOOR International training and consulting networking. This entrepreneurship led to a reliable partnership with Lumina Learning.

What makes me tick

My inspiration comes from a passion for building a professional consulting network that works with Lumina Learning tools, which helps people to be authentic and unique in a productive and conscious way. I love to see the immediate impact of my work on the daily life/lives of people. I prefer to work in an environment of inspired people. I understand and value differences and I encourage freedom of choice, balancing it by teaching others to take responsibility for their choices as well. +421 903 891 939 M.R.Štefánika 2, 902 01 Pezinok