Become a pracTITIONER

Lumina Learning Sydney runs Practitioner certification to enable individuals to use the full range of Lumina Learning’s products.  Each certification workshop includes: 

* A personal report using the relevant assessment
* A model training session using the assessment ‘portrait’
* A Practitioner Manual
* An on-line Practitioner Account to manage your projects and clients
* The first year’s license for the particular assessment

One of the great strengths of Lumina Learning’s approach is that Practitioners are able to ‘brand’ and customise the ‘portraits’ they deliver to their team members or clients. The workshops establish product accounts and explain how individual reports – called ‘portraits’ – can be purchased, undertaken, customised and generated on-line. Practitioners have a dedicated support person for their ongoing needs. 

Development workshops are held annually, and Practitioners can participate in the annual international Lumina Learning conference (the next to be held in Amsterdam in June 2017).

To register for a certification workshop, click here