registering for workshops


 Lumina Spark Certification 

3 days, cost of $3,200 plus GST


Lumina Leader Certification 

1 day, cost of $2,250 plus GST 

 Spark certification a pre-requisite


Lumina Emotion Certification 

3 days, cost of $3,200 plus GST 


Lumina Learning Sydney Leadership Development Program 

3 days over 3 months, cost of $2,250 plus GST 

This comprehensive program uses participant Spark, Emotion and Leader assessments to develop unique leadership potential. The program is scheduled through expressions of interest which can be made by contacting


2017 Practitioner Development Workshop 

 One day – FREE to certified practitioners


Chris Gardiner (BA, MA, M Prof Ethics, MLM, FAIM)

Director, Lumina Learning Sydney or (61) 0412 057 060

Rachel Hardy (Dip Bus, Dip Bus Admin, Dip M’ment, Dip HR M’ment, JP)

Manager & Practitioner Support, Lumina Learning Sydney or (61) 0437 570 041